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Intellifat Treatments

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Autologous Adipose Tissue

Adipose Tissue Cells, or Fat Cells, are ideally suited for soft tissue repair and wound healing applications, but they can also help treat injuries to bone and cartilage. Regenevita utilizes the Intellifat system, an FDA-cleared medical device that is used to harvest, concentrate, and transfer the adipose tissue. It is intended to facilitate the healing process by supporting the repair, reconstruction, replacement, or cushion damaged or injured tissue. Adipose tissue processed by the Intellifat device is “minimally manipulated”, per FDA’s criteria for Human Cell and Tissue products (HCT/P).

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Physical Rehabilitation

A crucial component of Regenevita's orthopedic treatment offering, is our post procedure physical rehabilitation service. In order to ensure full return to function, Regenevita will design and recommend a full physical therapy program to all post-op patients.

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