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Autologous Adipose Tissue

Fat grafts have been used in reconstructive and restorative surgeries for many years. Researchers have found in recent years that augmenting the fat grafts with stem cells would allow them to treat a wide range of medical problems.

Fat stem cells are used to improve patient quality of life in a number of different ways from cosmetic to medical. Some of the indications are:

  • •  Non-healing wounds

  • •  Burns and radiation injury

  • •  Scar remodeling

  • •  Other aesthetic disfiguration

  • •  Musculo-skeletal (orthopedic) treatments (joints/



Regenevita BioCell

Regenevita uses the patient’s own fat (adipose tissue), which includes Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs), the building blocks of many connective tissues. Also included are Fibroblasts that produce collagen, an essential component of skin elasticity. The mixed cellular population provides you with a complex, rich mix of cells that work together to repair damaged tissues.



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